Annual results 2020: our results in 1 glance

Written by Michelle Schouwenburg on 13 July 2021

Good news! Our first financial statements have been approved. After an extensive audit, the auditors have given their approval to our 2020 financial report.


Milestone: first repayments received!

Written by Hans Kramer on 14 April 2021

This week, exactly as planned, PlusPlus investees Sereni Fries and POD Chocolate have repaid the first half of their loan. The gift that keeps on giving is now ready to make an impact yet again. But what was the impact of these first loans?


Interview Ruud Bijl

Written by Peter Heijen on 26 January 2021

Investing in entrepreneurs in developing countries as a Dutch entrepreneur? This can be very rewarding for both parties. “Sharing opportunities makes everything a lot more fun,” according to entrepreneur Ruud Bijl from Rotterdam.


Because of PlusPlus, we get to plan for a future.

Written by Peter Heijen on 16 December 2020

He was one of the first entrepreneurs on PlusPlus: Humphrey Mburu, director and founder of Sereni Fries. In October, he received his first loan. What has the company done with that loan, up until now? Humphrey explains all in a brief interview.


Innovative project PlusPlus doubles harvests

Written by Lars van Doremalen on 15 October 2020

For nearly fifteen million Kenyans it is not a given that they have enough to eat every day. Especially small-scale farmers in rural areas are continuously under threat of not having enough to eat. One of the reasons is the low yields from their lands. The farmers have no access to finance to invest in techniques and materials to improve their harvests. Apollo Agriculture changes this situation. Founder Benjamin Njenga tells us how.


Sustainable growth in developing countries, it is possible!

Written by Peter Heijen on 23 September 2020

All major global problems can be traced back to these two: (income) inequality and climate change. That was the fascinating conclusion with which Wim Hart (the former CFO of ICCO) made me think, a few years ago. We were discussing the strategic cooperation between ICCO (now Cordaid) and Lendahand. Later, at a conference organized by Solidaridad, that conclusion was confirmed by one of the speakers.

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