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Meet the Zeas family. Their honey business provides income for 130 small beekeepers in Nicaragua. Their pure honey is a healthy product and 100% natural. But there’s more. Bees are key to biodiversity. Their pollination strengthens fragile ecosystems and makes crops bear more fruits. Thus, investing in bees contributes to food security, biodiversity and poverty alleviation. With this loan, Zeas Apicola can buy honey from six more beekeepers and their busy bees.

  • 3 new jobs
  • 6 people reached
Amount needed
24 months
Impact loan
Fully funded in 48 days on 22 January 2023.
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About the company 

Aurora Zeas is an ambitious woman from Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. As director and co-owner of the family business, she trades in honey together with her two brothers. After several difficult years due to local crises and the pandemic, her business is now well on the rise with plans to expand.

The success story of Zeas Apicola started with a hobby. In 2004, the Zeas family had five beehives producing honey for their own consumption. As the bees proved very productive, they started selling the extra honey. Soon Aurora saw more opportunities in this natural product. In 2012, they began processing the honey themselves, and in 2017, Zeas Apicola was formally registered as a family business. The company markets its honey and honey products under the brand name BiiBii. 


Zeas Apicola now purchases honey from 130 small beekeepers, and the Biibii brand has expanded to include a beautiful product line of honey products. This includes honey in 7 different flavors, cough syrups, pollen grains and cosmetics such as soap and oil. Most revenue now comes from the medicinal products and consumer honey. The company has ISO 901, HACCP & GMP certifications. Its main outlets are the U.S. supermarket chain Walmart and the local supermarket chain La Colonia. Aurora would like to do more with their pure Nicaraguan honey and wants to target the hospitality sector. To do so, she needs working capital to buy more honey from beekeepers.

In August 2022, PlusPlus went to visit Zeas Apicola. Click here to read about the visit.


Purpose of the loan

With a working capital of 20,000 euros, Zeas Apicola will be able to purchase more than 5,000 kilos of additional honey and expand their production line so that they can start targeting the hospitality industry. This loan will also allow them to start collaborating with 6 new beekeepers. 



As a pure natural product, honey is not only healthy, it is also good for nature. Because bees are needed for pollination, keeping bees helps restore and protect the ecosystem. As a result, biodiversity increases and crops bear more fruit. Moreover, it provides a good source of income for the 130 small- to medium-sized beekeepers from whom Zeas Apicola buys its honey. The loan from PlusPlus will allow the company to start purchasing honey from six new beekeepers. It will also create 2 new jobs to trade and sell their products. 


Mission & vision

Zeas Apicola wants to be known as a reliable, international beekeeping company that provides quality products. The Zeas family believes this is important to make sustainable and lasting impact in the areas of the environment, dealing with beekeepers and gender equality.




Management team

Aurora Azucena Zeas Romero is CEO and co-owner of the family business. She has a post-graduate degree in family business management. Her brothers Pedro and José are co-owners, who work partially for the company. The team also includes an experienced commercial manager, an accountant, a product developer and a technical agronomist.


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Company nameZeas Apicola
CEOAurora Zeas

Impact of this project

  • With this investment 3 jobs are created
  • With this investment 6 people are reached

About the investment

EntrepreneurZeas Apicola
Funding target€20,000
Annual interest0.00%
Maturity24 months
Repayment period6 months
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About Zeas Apicola

Total assets€190,231
Leverage ratio77.00%

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