"With the extra income, I can afford a better life for my family"

Written by Michelle Schouwenburg on 7 September 2022

Meet Lydia, a Ugandan farmer and a Commission Agent of PlusPlus entrepreneur AgriNet. Lydia has been a maize farmer for many years. But it was not until she started working with AgriNet that she became successful and was able to provide for her family. Here she shares her story.


“PlusPlus understands how a small business really works”

Written by Michelle Schouwenburg on 22 August 2022

Meet Musa Kiggundu Muwanga, one of the Ugandan entrepreneurs on PlusPlus. The director of Frutrac gives us an update about his company, the impact they make and new opportunities that are opening up to them. And they have the PlusPlus investors to thank for it.


From subsistence farmer to businesswoman, the story of Abeza Josée

Written by Michelle Schouwenburg on 14 July 2022

Abeza Josée is a maize farmer in the southern part of Rwanda, who, for a long time, considered her farming to be just for survival. After joining a farmer savings group her life changed. With the loans she received, she was able to invest in her crops and increase her yields. The extra profit she reinvested in land. Now, Josée is a businesswoman, with 4 times the land size she once had and with her own tailor business. For women like Josée, access to finance is a key to success. CLECAM, a new project on PlusPlus, provides them with this.


"More volume means more impact." A great opportunity for small potato farmers in Kenya

Written by Hazal Altunal on 19 May 2022

Humphrey Mburu, the managing director and founder of Kenyan enterprise Sereni Fries was one of the very first investees on the PlusPlus platform. During an interview in May 2022, he explained that thanks to the PlusPlus loans this past year and a half, they were able to scale. Now, they are about to outgrow PlusPlus. And that’s a positive development.


Central America, a region with high agribusiness potential

Written by Michelle Schouwenburg on 9 May 2022

Central America is a region in itself. Sandwiched between two oceans, it forms a bridge between two continents. The countries in this region have a lot to offer. Our colleague in Nicaragua, Lucette Martinez, explains what makes Central America special and what opportunities there are for small agricultural businesses.


These companies are growing already

Written by Michelle Schouwenburg on 20 December 2021

In 2021, eighteen entrepreneurs received loans from PlusPlus investors. Eighteen different companies, in different countries, who have at least 1 thing in common: Thanks to PlusPlus they were able to grow! What did they do with those loans and what has it brought them so far? Here are a few examples...

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