Clecam Ejo-Heza

CLECAM is a Rwandan microcredit institution that was created in 2007 by the merger of 2 microcredit organizations. Both had been set up by farmers' cooperatives to provide credit to their members for their agricultural activities, and that is still the main goal. Moreover, with 23,302 shareholders, CLECAM is still owned by the farmers themselves. This makes CLECAM an institution by farmers for farmers.

CLECAM offers farmers (m/f) various financial products and services, such as financial literacy trainings, saving services and small loans with an average of USD 700. Since most small farmers cannot access a bank, CLECAM's services are in high demand. Currently CLECAM has 68,769 savers and 6,500 borrowers, including 4,100 men and 2,400 women. They can deposit and withdraw money at any of the CLECAM service points, which is regulated by the National Bank of Rwanda (NBR). CLECAM has 5 branches with a total of 10 local service points, which farmers in the southern parts of Rwanda can access.

Because it is especially difficult for women to get a loan, this PlusPlus loan helps to empower female farmers and boost their potential. Thanks to a program of development organization Cordaid, the farmers (male and female) have already been trained in gender awareness, financial literacy and the use of digital finance tools, which create efficiency. They are now applying these skills and working hard to improve their agricultural business activities. The finance they need for this, they can loan from CLECAM, at a favorable rate of 1.5% per month.

This low rate is possible thanks to CLECAM’s cooperation with humanitarian organizations, who also bear the risks of exchange rate losses. This way, neither CLECAM nor the farmers will be negatively affected by currency fluctuations. Any actual profit made by CLECAM is divided among its’ owners: the farmers themselves.

General information

BorrowerClecam Ejo-Heza Ltd
Head officeMuhanga
Founded 1 January 2007
Active on Lendahand since31 May 2022

Financial information per 2022-06-30

Total assets€7,065,495
Leverage ratio26.00%

About Rwanda

Rwanda is a small landlocked country in east-central Africa with a population of 12 million. It is currently led by Paul Kagame who became president in 2000. In 2018, its GDP was US$9.5bn and it has steadily averaged high single digit GDP growth rates. Rwanda has been a leading engine in terms of trade openness and has one of the best business environments in Africa. The World Bank’s Doing Business 2019 survey ranks Rwanda 29th out of 190 economies surveyed (including Developed Economies), making it one of the best-ranking African economies. Rwanda has made significant progress from the ethnic strife that led to the genocide & civil war in the nineties, with political stability among the key assets that has allowed a sustained reform momentum.

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For small-scale farmers in Rwanda, getting a loan is nearly impossible. And yet a small loan would enable them to significantly improve their productivity. Microcredit institution CLECAM gives them a chance to do so. Like Marie Chantal: "Before, my production was low because of lack of capital. With a loan from CLECAM, I could buy seeds at the right time and my yields have almost tripled.” she says. “Now, my pension is secured." This loan will allow CLECAM to give more than 700 farmers, more than half of whom are women, a small loan to also improve their livelihoods.

  • 700 people reached
Clecam Ejo-Heza
Amount needed
24 months
Impact loan
Fully funded in 56 days on 10 February 2023.