The search for entrepreneurs: behind the scenes in Colombia

Curious how we find the companies on PlusPlus? It all starts with our local colleagues. From Solidaridad and Cordaid offices around the world, they are the ones on the lookout for talented entrepreneurs. Pedro Valarini, our colleague in Colombia, tells us all about it.


"A small gesture can trigger a lot"

Investor Arno Huibers (67) has been providing people with moments of happiness for decades. As a clown or mime he likes to bring a bit of happiness to people, whether they are children, adults or people with dementia. But he is certainly not lacking in long-term vision either.


Sustainable investing only really becomes social without return

Nowadays, more and more people are looking at "sustainability" or "social impact" when choosing their investments. Recent research by the AFM shows that seven out of ten investors consider sustainability to be an important criterion. They will even settle for less financial return if these investments also deliver a social return. And that is good news for humanity. If all the savings in Europe were invested towards impact, many world problems could be resolved.


Milestone: first repayments received!

This week, exactly as planned, PlusPlus investees Sereni Fries and POD Chocolate have repaid the first half of their loan. The gift that keeps on giving is now ready to make an impact yet again. But what was the impact of these first loans?

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