How PlusPlus works

Choose + Invest + Create Impact

How can you help create jobs and improve food security in Africa, Asia and Latin America? At PlusPlus you can support local entrepreneurs in the food value chain in four simple steps.

Step 1 - Choose a Project

Whichever project you choose: you can be sure that the company has been carefully screened. PlusPlus has a worldwide network of local partners. Only entrepreneurs who meet our strict requirements can promote their projects on our platform. The founders of PlusPlus have years of experience in working with companies in the developing world, guiding them and working with talented entrepreneurs the world over. We have given these companies a platform, but it’s up to you to decide which to invest in. Read their profile, see what they are trying to achieve and choose who you would like to support.

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Step 2 - Invest

Ready to invest? You can start from as little as € 50 paid via credit card or iDEAL. Simply create an account with our partner Lendahand. As soon as the project of your choice has reached its financing goal, the entrepreneur will receive the loan. You will receive your investment back in equal parts, with your first repayment coming after six months.

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Step 3 - Make a Difference

Our agricultural and food entrepreneurs do not only focus on profit, but also on sustainability and fair working conditions. One entrepreneur may use the loan to hire extra suppliers (so that the farming families have a higher and more stable income), while another entrepreneur might invest in more sustainable machinery. Either way, by giving them the means to grow, you are making a difference. Curious about how your project is doing? You can find up-to-date details in your account.

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