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With this fourth loan of €20,000 Pod Chocolate will set up an outlet at Bali international airport, visited by thousands of travelers every day. This will increase their sales and allows for increased production, benefiting 324 farmers who can supply more cocoa beans. The loan also creates 3 new jobs.

  • Direct
  • 3 new jobs
  • 324 people reached



36 months



Fully funded in 58 days on 26 July 2021.

General Information

  • Company Name: Pod Chocolate
  • Director: Tobias Challenger Garritt
  • Founded: 11-12-2009
  • Location: Bali
  • Sector:  Chocolate 
  • Turnover: €485.002
  • Employees: 90


Direct loan

This is a direct loan to a business. It is advisable to cautiously determine the amount you invest in this project. Look here for more information about the risks of an investment. 

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About the Company

For Tobias, the chocolate dream began in a small hut with a thatched roof in Bali. There are many cocoa trees on the island, but due to pests and low profitability, it was hardly worth the effort to harvest. In desperation, some farmers were already starting to cut down their cocoa trees. Tobias was determined to solve this and improve cocoa production in Indonesia.  

To examine how cocoa production in Indonesia could be improved without intensive use of chemicals, Tobias set up three cocoa farms in Bali. At the same time he started to develop recipes for a premium chocolate bar.

Since then, Pod Chocolate has grown into a successful social enterprise that supports local farmers and communities. With the factory that opened in January 2017 and 2 stores in Bali, Pod provides employment and is a reliable buyer for local small-scale cocoa farmers. Simultaneously, these farmers are supported to improve the quality and yield of their cocoa beans.

Previous loans through PlusPlus

Thanks to PlusPlus, Pod Chocolate has been able to buy more raw materials, like cocoa beans but also sugar, to produce chocolate. This means more income for the farmers who sell their beans to Pod. Loans were also used to buy a packaging machine and to buy cocoa beans from farmers on the poorer island of Flores for a single origin chocolate bar

Purpose of the loan 

With this fourth loan of €20,000 Pod Chocolate can set up an outlet at Bali international airport, which is visited by thousands of travelers every day. This access to a new market is expected to significantly increase the sales of chocolate, which will allow for increased production, benefiting 324 cocoa farmers who supply the beans for this. Also, with this loan 3 new jobs are created.  

Mission & vision

Pod Chocolate's mission is to produce chocolate that is among the best in the world in terms of quality and to improve the living conditions of cocoa farmers and their communities.


The international airport in Bali is the second busiest airport in Indonesia, visited by thousands of travelers every day. Setting up a sales outlet at this airport provides access to a new market, which is expected to significantly increase sales of Pod chocolate bars. This will have an impact for the company itself, which will be able to increase production, but also for 324 farmers who will be able to supply Pod with more cocoa beans and thus have more income. In addition, this loan will create 3 new jobs. 

Management team

  • Toby Garrit is Pod Chocolate’s founder and CEO. He studied law and hospitality management. In 2001, Toby moved to Bali, where he founded a travel agency, which he sold after several years. Travelling awakened his environmental awareness. In 2007, Bali hosted the UN Conference for Climate Change. This allowed Toby to launch environmental initiatives aimed at protecting the tropical rainforest, supporting communities and combatting climate change. He did this for 6 years and raised funds of over $5 million before founding Pod Chocolate.
  • Ida Bagus Nama Rupa is Pod Chocolate’s COO and joined the company in 2016. He has 24 years of experience in the tourism sector and leads Pod’s Edutourism-activities. He is also responsible for Pod’s compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

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COVID-19 update

Like all businesses, Pod Chocolate had to adapt to the pandemic. Due to  Covid019, tourism, the main source of income for Bali, came to a virtual standstill. Because of the uncertain situation, the Indonesian government took restrictive measures for the purchase of essential food products, such as sugar. For a chocolate producer this is a disaster: sugar is the second most important raw material for chocolate. The loan via PlusPlus offered a solution. Thanks to this loan, they could buy sugar in bulk quantity. This way, they could still continue to produce chocolate.

Company namePod Chocolate
CEOTobias Challenger Garitt
LocationDenpasar, Bali

Impact of this project

  • With this investment 3 jobs are created
  • With this investment 324 people are reached

About the investment

IssuerPod Chocolate
Funding target€20,000
Annual interest0.00%
Maturity36 months
Repayment periodSemiannually
Terms and conditionsShow

About Pod Chocolate

Total assets€1,305,626
Leverage ratio55.00%

About the risks

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