Give your money meaning with PlusPlus

At PlusPlus you lend money to entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector and the food chain. You invest in new jobs and food security in Africa, Asia and Latin America. By not charging interest, you give these entrepreneurs a chance. That’s how you give your money meaning. Get started today.

Kissima Industries

This female led company provides income for thousands of women in Mali. Kissima buys their desert dates and processes them into different products. This loan of €35,000 provides working capital to buy fruits from 1,050 women and creates 2 new jobs.

  • 2 new jobs
  • 1050 people reached





18 months



Still €11,200 needed, 27 days to go

Your loan, your choice

You decide to which entrepreneur you lend money

Do you give a loan to Eli or Sasha? Support a company in cocoa or grain? In the Ivory Coast or Peru? At PlusPlus, you decide for yourself. Our colleagues work with agricultural and food entrepreneurs all over the world. We advise these entrepreneurs on the best ways to grow their business sustainably. Sometimes a new machine is needed. Or a transition to clean energy. You will see exactly what your investment makes possible. Once you have provided a loan, you will receive regular personal updates from your chosen entrepreneur to see how they are using your money.

Lend from € 50

A small contribution makes a big difference

You do not need to wear a tailored suit to make a difference. From just € 50 you can start supporting these important food chain entrepreneurs. Every six months you will receive part of your repayment and within one to four years you will have it all back, to add to your bank account or to invest again. The only question is, which project will you choose?

Not micro, not macro

How to grow medium-sized companies

Our agricultural and food entrepreneurs do indispensable work. They increase food production in Africa, Asia and Latin America. To make a significant difference, they need a loan. Unfortunately, they are too big for micro-credit, but too small to meet the sky-high demands of banks. PlusPlus is there for these entrepreneurs. Your loan helps them to grow and to continue to make a difference in their communities.

One loan for countless entrepreneurs

How your loan makes a difference

Your loan is very valuable to an entrepreneur. You help to create more food, higher incomes and extra jobs. The best thing is, your money, no matter how much or how little, can keep making a difference to ever more entrepreneurs. You can invest again in a new entrepreneur as soon as your repayment is complete. And then again. And again. Lend as often as you want without investing any more. Unlike a donation, you continue to contribute without spending anything extra.

Do you give money meaning?